Best Florida Rat Repellents to Use on the Market!

For those who are experiencing a Miramar rat infestation, they want a solution that is convenient and accessible. This is probably the reason why most homeowners choose repellents against rats. However, when you are investing your money on a specific solution, you want it to be effective. Based on our experience and the numerous studies conducted on repellents, the results on the effectiveness of repellents remain inconclusive. 

Drawbacks of Using Repellents

In reality, you will be able to drive the Florida rats away from your house by sealing all the entry holes in your house and installing an exclusion device. You can create a rat-proof house if you seal all the holes that have ½ inch in diameter. Unfortunately, exclusion may not be ideal to use in some circumstances. This is why some people turn to ineffective repellents.

Ultrasonic Repellents

The ultrasonic devices will emit a sound in high frequency that is beyond the hearing capacity of the Miramar human. According to the manufacturer, the rats can hear this sound and they will find this irritating. They also claim that you need to purchase several devices in order to produce a satisfying result. Theoretically, the concept of ultrasonic repellents is possible. Sadly, the performance of this device is full of flaws. There is absolutely no guarantee that the ultrasonic device will provide you with an effective solution. Even if the rodents can be bothered by the sound, studies show that rodents will get used to the sound when they hear it repeatedly.


Mothball is an organic Florida repellent that will remind you about the closet of your grandma. Some people think that by placing it close to the den of the rat, they will be able to convince the rat to leave your property. However, the scent may not be enough to discourage the rat. Remember that they can survive on the sewer where the scent is more offensive. With the warmth, comfort and protection that your house provides, they will prefer to stay rather than to expose themselves in the dangers outdoors. While it is organic, the mothballs are also toxic to pets and children. It will also be detrimental to our environment.

Peppermint Oil

There are 100% pure peppermint oil sold in the market that some people use as Florida rat repellent. Unfortunately, the scent of the peppermint oil will quickly dissipate. You also need enough peppermint oil to cover the room that is experiencing an active infestation. This may not be practical. Even the manufacturers of the spray repellents will not guarantee that it will help you eliminate the rats that are already living inside your house. Furthermore, peppermint repellents do not meet the standard of the EPA.

In case exclusion is not suitable for your situation, trapping will also be an excellent method. Do not waste your money on Miramar repellents that will not deliver its promise. If you want a better solution for your rat infestation, you should hire the service of the rat removal specialist.

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