Most Humane Ways to End a Miramar Caged Squirrel's Life

After capturing the Miramar squirrel, you are probably looking for the best ways to deal with them. Some people prefer to release them. However, for others that are not allowed to relocate them 10 miles away from where they capture them, releasing may not be a great option. During this time, giving them a decisive blow can end their suffering.

List of Humane Ways to Kill the Squirrels in a Cage

When killing the Florida squirrel, poisoning is not a recommended method. Poison will take too long to take effect. The squirrel will experience a long (sometimes weeks) and unnecessary suffering which is considered illegal under the law. There are varieties of humane methods that you can use as an alternative.


Using firearms is not allowed in some places especially in the densely-populated Miramar areas. This is considered humane as long as you can deal a decisive blow for an instant kill. Using rifle may appear to be cumbersome but there are air pistols that have the necessary power to kill the squirrel at once. However, you will also be exposed in a certain danger since the pellet can be deflected by the wire mesh of the cage. The blood that will be scattered on the trap will deter the other animal from entering the trap in the future. 


You can also take the Florida squirrel in the vet to perform euthanasia. The vet will first inject a sedative drug that will relax their nerves. This will place them in the state of relaxation. After that, the euthanasia drug will be administered. This will paralyze their respiratory muscles that will lead to their death. Unfortunately, due to the possibility that they may carry parasites and disease, some vets will refuse to perform euthanasia on the veterinarian's office.


Carbon monoxide poisoning will put the Florida squirrels to sleep before killing them. In fact, this is the common method used by the wildlife rehabilitators in case the injured or sick animal can no longer be rehabilitated. There are gas chambers that you can purchase in the market, or you may create your own chamber. If you are doing it yourself, you should be careful. Be sure that the gas will be trapped inside to ensure that you and your family will remain safe. This is equally dangerous to you if conducted improperly. To reduce the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, you should conduct it in an open environment. Some people also prefer to use heavier gasses such as xenon, argon, and krypton. The presence of these gasses will displace the oxygen that will result to the death of the squirrel.

Most Miramar people are quite sensitive regarding the matter of killing wildlife creatures no matter how humane they appear to be. You might want to perform this away from the eye of the public. There will be people who will make things challenging for you even on the off chance that what you are doing is considered legal.

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