Symptoms to Look for in a Rabid and Sick Miramar Bat

Although it might be rare, it is still possible for the Miramar bats that are infected with the rabies virus to transfer it to human. This is why most wildlife rehabilitators will advise you to stay away from the bat that you found. According to the most recent report, the latest case of rabies infection caused by bat happened last June of 2018. 

Overview of the Rabies Virus

The rabies virus can be found in the saliva of the infected Florida animal. You can acquire this disease when an infected bat bit you. Transmission of the disease is also highly possible when your mucous membrane came in contact with their saliva. In order to keep safe, you need to be alert on the obvious signs of an infected bat.

Symptoms of a Sick Miramar Bat

There are instances when the bat infected with the rabies virus will not show any signs. However, according to the clinical studies some signs of a sick bat include an obvious change in their behavior. In case you encountered a bat that is acting strangely, or is more aggressive, then there is a possibility that they are potential carrier of rabies. An infected bat can also appear lethargic. They may show signs of disorientation and they will find it hard to fly. 

Symptoms of Infected Human

If an infected Florida bat bit or scratched you and you did not seek immediate medical attention, it is possible to catch the rabies virus from the bats. Some of the signs during the early phase of the disease include fever, headache, and anxiety. The swallowing muscles will also experience spasms which will make it difficult for you to ingest water. You can also have trouble in breathing. There are available vaccines against the rabies. In case you came in contract with the saliva of a bat, you can prevent the transmission of the virus by acquiring the crucial medical assistance. Vaccines should be given after exposure. Once the symptoms manifested, it may be too late to find treatment. 

How to Avoid Contracting the Virus from Bats

In case your work is designed to handle Florida bats (i.e. rehabilitators, wildlife removals), you should be vaccinated against rabies. When encountering bats, you should always assume that they are potential carrier of rabies. You should never touch them regardless if they are alive or dead. In case you can't avoid touching them, be sure to wear protective gloves and masks to avoid having a direct contact with their saliva. 

In the event that you have been bitten by a Miramar bat, you need to wash your wound using water and soap. Disinfect the wound to prevent infection and call the help of your family doctor. He will help you decide what forms of treatment you will need. If your pet has come in contact with their saliva, you need to observe your pet carefully. If it shows any signs of the rabies infection, call your veterinarian immediately to appropriately address the situation.

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