Successful Solutions to Keep Your Florida Raccoon Visitor Out of Your Garbage Cans!

With our years of experience in delivering solution to wildlife issues, it is not that uncommon that we heard complaints about the raccoons that are scavenging on the garbage bin. They are often looking for a better solution to keep their trashcan safe from them. Some of them will stay late at night to catch these creatures in act. Keeping the trash indoor is also an excellent option.

How to Keep the Miramar Raccoon Away from Our Trashcans

For those who live in a Florida community with a large population of raccoon, it is not rare to discover that our garbage bin was knocked down from their attack. It is just too annoying to see that all the contents are scattered on the ground. Cleaning this mess repeatedly is downright irritating. In order to avoid this issue, we listed some off the effective ways to deter the raccoon from getting to your bins.

Clean Your Trashcan Regularly  

In case you are planning to keep your trashcan outdoor, it is highly essential to keep it clean. If possible use a cleaning solution with a strong disinfectant in order to eliminate that lingering scent that attracts the attention of the raccoon. It should also be able to eradicate the waste residue. Some people prefer to use ammonia when cleaning their trashcan. Since the raccoon resembles the scent of animal's urine, they will mostly find the smell unpleasant.

Using Miramar Repellent

There are some people who think that by using animal repellent; they can successfully keep the Florida raccoon from rummaging their trashcan. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify the efficacy of repellents. The repellents are intended to disrupt the senses of the raccoons. Granular and liquid repellent can be dispersed in your garbage bin; however, the smell of the spray repellent will quickly dissipate especially when it is raining. Reapplication is essential to produce a desirable result. There are also electronic repellent sold in the market. It comes with a motion sensor that can identify the movement of the raccoon.

Strategically Position Your Florida Trashcan

Whether you are keeping your trashcan outside all day or you prefer to only take them out during the day of the garbage collection, proper placement may help you keep the nuisance creature at bay. In case you plan to keep the bin outdoors at all time, place them at the protected section. It should be placed at the leveled ground where the raccoon cannot easily tip them over. If possible place the trash near the spotlight. Most raccoons prefer to attack the garbage cans that are in the dark.

Finally, you should try to change your Miramar trash can into something that can withstand the attack of the raccoon. It should come with a secured lid that will prevent the raccoon from lifting the cover. You may also place a heavy object on top of the cover to guarantee that it will stay inaccessible to the raccoon. You should also try to contain the scent of your trash.

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